2 Megawatt power plant

ISF Power Systems undertook the task of setting up a 2-megawatt combined cooling, heating and power plant for MTN as an EPCM Contractor. The team co-ordinated the implantation of a gas generator plant supplying 1 x 2000 kWc on a continuous basis. They also installed heat exchangers, and transfer pumps, as well as a medium voltage system for grid tie purposes.

The team also saw the installation of an electronic control system, sound attenuation, an absorption chiller to supply 1000 kWc on a continuous basis, low water usage cooling towers, a make-up water storage water system, a water treatment plant, a redundant water transfer pump system, an electrical motor control centre and all associated building requirements, including commissioning and testing. The total value of the project was to the tune of R50 million.