Mercury Holdings Overview

Mercury’s focus is to acquire and develop a network of companies in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector in South Africa and in selected foreign markets. Through improved access to capital and best practice and process, we provide growth opportunities for companies who offer ICT goods and services within the B2B environment.

Our ability to create cross-selling, cost rationalisation and networking opportunities across group companies, can lead to improved profitability for all business units. We enable each entity to achieve higher levels of growth through their combined market volumes.
The Mercury team takes a long term approach, allowing the network of businesses the opportunity to remain independent and focus on what they do best. They can capitalise on our ability to develop and implement a Mergers & Acquisition strategy befitting our agreed objectives.


We operate a flat and decentralized management structure and strive to maintain high levels of flexibility in terms of funding options and deal structuring.

Mercury ICT Holdings will hold fast in its focus, investing in:

  1. Companies that have strong growth opportunities
  2. Companies that have accomplished management teams
  3. Companies that have resilient balance sheets
  4. Businesses’ that offer B2B ICT services
  5. Business’ we can scale and where consolidation opportunities exist
  6. Companies with niche ICT offerings