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Although the building industry in South Africa is strained, global mega-trends, rapid urbanisation and demographic changes will lead to substantial growth and demand in the continents building industry over the next 5 years.


Real estate and infrastructure universes will increase dramatically leading to huge expansion opportunities, a wider range of risk and return on investment, and greater private and public partnering and participation.


The key drivers are:


  • A youthful population who will demand new types of real estate, facilities and cities
    Investment in industrialisation and intra-Africa trade.
  • Infrastructure shortages
  • Technology and innovation to deliver more affordable housing
  • Need for investment by institutions and governments
  • Sustainability to become entrenched in building practices to reduce environmental impact
  • Social development combined with currency volatility and economic diversity

Designed for efficiency, engineered for excellence

ISF is able to deliver an uncompromising commitment in their approach to design, plan, execute and manage building projects for a diverse portfolio of clients across the continent. From viability studies to project close-out,


ISF has successfully completed building projects in commercial, industrial, transport, and services industries.


ISF stays involved and hands on

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