Cash Centres

Client: ABSA
Involvement: EPCM Solution Provider
End Date: November 2012
Value: R 52 Million

The scope of the project was the upgrading of all the cash centres' critical equipment to have a redundancy or a configuration of n+1. The works comprised of the following:

  • · The installation of an additional 200kVA diesel generator to aid the current existing generator of similar capacity.
  • · Installation of a new technological advanced Triple
  • · Changeover Control System to connect to the existing.
  • · Upgrading of emergency power recovery system with a power shut down requirement of 6 hours; and
  • · Installation of a UPS system comprising of 2 x 10kVa latest technology equipment with 10 year life to batteries.
  • · New mid-wall and under ceiling air-conditioning units installed to UPS Rooms to function in isolation to the Central A.C system
  • · Commissioning and testing of all equipment
  • · Upgrade and installation of Fire Protection System to UPS, DVR and Rack Storage rooms with a minimum of 2 hour fire rating. All rooms housing critical equipment to comply with a 2 hour fire rating requirements.
  • · Installation and introduction of extractor fans for hot/cold aisle configuration around server tracks; and
  • · Reconfiguration of existing mechanical units to align with coordinated layouts