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The cost of a energy infrastructure constraint by capacity and poor governance is estimated to cost African countries around 2% to 4% of GDP.

What is required is scaled up local resources, implementation of renewable energy solutions and improved governance of access to reliable energy sources.

Designed for efficiency, engineered for excellence

ISF brings its depth of technical, planning and project management experience to meet the energy challenges of a modern and rapidly developing African infrastructure.

  • Energy strategies
  • Renewable energy supply
  • Energy storage
  • Transmission and distribution solutions
  • Managing energy sources and efficiencies


ISF provides:


  • Practical advice and solutions on all aspects of energy technology and regulation
  • Engineering, construction and specialist services
  • Renewable and sustainable energy solutions including tri-gen and solar projects.

Tri-gen is one of the new energy source technologies that delivers great benefits.

In addition to delivering electricity from a consistent, methane-rich natural, clean-burning gas supply source, tri-gen technology mitigates greenhouse gas emissions associated with coal-based electricity generation and consumption, and its associated negative environmental consequences.


ISF has successfully implemented tri-gen technology in a number of projects.

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