Eskom Generation Outage Management

Client: Eskom
Project Name: Various Eskom Power Stations (Coal Fired Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants & Gas Turbines Power Plants)
Provision of key Outage PCM support, assurance and audit function to Technology Outages COE in the planning, execution and finalization phases of outages as depicted in the current Generation Outage plan.

The provision of this support, assurance and audit function seeks to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Outage PCM’s, related to Outage Readiness, Outage execution and schedule excellence best practices.

Furthermore, the additional scope of outage management included the accurate time stamping of outages and restoration by customer, crew tracking, predicting of outage causes, generating information of interest to customers, and creating call-back lists and reports for management and regulatory reasons.

Areas of Engagement

· Project Controls Planning & Scheduling
· Construction Supervision
· Construction Management
· Commissioning Management

Engineering Services with the followings expertise

· Turbine Expert
· Boiler Expert
· Balance of Plant Expert
· Electrical & Control & Instrumentation Expert